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About the Facility

Our facility at the Palmer Municipal Airport (PAAQ) is professionally staffed. .
Artic’s Air Academy currently operates a professionally maintained fleet of Six (6)aircraft featuring Three (3) Cessna C-172 series conventional gear aircraft, One (1) Cessna C-175 IFR conventional gear aircraft, One (1) Piper PA-11 Tail Wheel,   and One (1) Mooney 20G. 
The academy is currently working on additional "lease back aircraft" to satisfy High Performanne, Multi-engine and other platforms of continued training.
The fleet is maintained on site by a professional staff of FAA certificated airframe and power plant technicians with FAA inspection authority. This level of service ensures that the aircraft are constantly inspected and maintained to the highest level of safety and reliability. In conjunction with parts suppliers and specialty aircraft services available on field, the maintenance staff is able to ensure one of the highest aircraft availability and safety records among training facilities in Alaska.