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    Coffee. Couches. Companionship. And the occasional airplane excursion. Such are the happenings at Artic’s Air Academy.

In the period of a month and a half, I grew from an incompetent individual with my feet rigidly rooted in the soil, to a pilot – one who can confidently maneuver an aircraft with nominal amount of knee-knocking, hair loss or nerve damage to myself or others. The level of knowledge and ease found among the instructors at Artic’s allow for even the most awkward and unsure of student pilots to thrive in a comfortable yet focused learning environment.

From performing touch and go’s and simulated engine out landings throughout the Valley, to practicing aerial spins 3,000 feet over the ground below, to letting lose paper airplanes over the fairgrounds, excitement and intrigue are stables of life among the students and staff of Artic’s Air Academy.

~  Tara Chesnut, Nov 2009

I have been flying with you guys for three months now. I'm working on getting my private pilots license. And I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy working with your company. My CFI is Brett Crowley and he is a amazing instructor. Any fear I had with flying was lost as soon as I hit the air with Brett. I plan on going for my commercial pilots license and a instrument rating along with tail wheel and several other endorsements. I will continue to use Arctic air academy for all my aviation need's. Thank you for everything.

~  John Schultheis, January 2010
I just earned my private pilot's license through Artic's Air Academy. It was an incredible experience! The knowledge and friendliness of instructors and staff is unparalled. My CFI, Eoghen, went above and beyond to ensure taht I had the necessary training to earn a license. Overall it is an excellent invenstment and opens up a whole new world!
Sam Deedy,  February 2010
Dear Artic’s Air Academy Team,
I am writing this letter to express gratitude for helping me achieve a lifelong dream – becoming a Private Pilot.
As you are aware, I started my flight instruction with a different Flight Academy, and found them to be a company that did what they did because they “had to” and not because they “wanted to” Students were treated as irritants and there was a general atmosphere of condescension and negativity.
My experience with Artic, Susan, Brett, Ken and TEAM has been absolutely opposite of my first five hours with “unnamed flight” school, and has been nothing but positive and productive.  Not only does Artic’s Air Academy attract quality students and create safe and competent pilots, but also fosters the love of General Aviation which benefits us all.
Let me also say that Brett Crowley is a gifted teacher in general, and flight instructor in particular.  His patient, clear, and encouraging guidance and instruction is much appreciated!  He has the gift of making his students believe in themselves.  As we worked through the many skill-sets needed to become a pilot, Brett’s methods caused me to have calculated confidence rather than fear and frustration.
I could go on and on about the greatness Artic’s accessibility and helpful stories, Susan’s kindness and patience dealing with “customers”, and Ken’s happy persistence as a promoter of the Flight School.  Kudos for your professionalism!
To sum up my experience to date: I’m a Happy Customer and a Private Pilot!!
Best Regards and Much Gratitude!!
~ Doug Graham, March 2010
Thank you so much for making Sam feel welcome, comfortable and confident
and thank you for the quality of instruction.
I would recommed Artic's Air Academt ANY TIME.
~ Dana Deedy, March 2010

"Because it was our first time in Alaska we had no idea what to expect. Ken eased the way with excellent communications while we were making arrangements, and is a great guy to meet in person. John Varco our instructor is an experienced bush pilot, and mountaineer, and as well as providing superb instruction, made us feel very safe in a flying environment vastly different to the UK where we live. Flying with Artic's Air Academy is an experience to be recommended."

~ Alan Barker - United Kingdom, June 2010


Finishing my Private Pilot certification through Artic's Air Academy proved to be the best decision thus far in my flying career. I had tried several other outfits, never feeling that 'partnership' in my success. Even with my crazy North Slope work schedule, the guys always found a way to customize or accelerate my training. Yes, they prepared me for the check ride. But it was more than that. They prepared me for flying safely in Alaska.

And for that, I say Thank You Ken, Artic, Gunny, and to all the AAA staff. We will continue to be in business, as I still need tailwheel, high performance, complex, commercial,....

Your loyal and very happy customer and friend,

~ Jeff Lathrom - Wasilla, AK, March 2012


Artic & Ken,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the instruction you guys provided towards getting my license. I appreciace the flexability and accomodating my schedule to help me reach this long term goal.


~ Mark Binggeli, November 2013

My experience with Artic's Air Academy was excellent. Out of the many flight instructors I've flown with to obtain my private license, the Academy was by far the best. Matt and Ken were always more than helpful and willing to go out of their way to make sure I was happy. Overall, my experience with them was far better than my expectations from any flight school. I would recommend them to anyone.

~ Mike Lackey, February 2014