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Business Services

High Altitude / Low Density Training

We have pilots on staff who specialize in this area of flight.

  High Altitude Game Recovery

Need some help getting that trophy sheep or goat of the side of that mountain?

Artic's Air Academy has the experienced personnel and resources to help recover what you've lost. Call for a rate quote on retrieving your game or posessions.

Additional Search and Rescue Coordination

In need of extra resources in locating downed or missing aircraft, hikers, family or friends?

Artic's Air Academy posesses a comittment in helping be among the "first responders" in these efforts.

The personnel on staff posess an intimate knowledge of Alaska and it's environment and has helped on numerous occasions in the search and resuce coordination efforts for the overdue, downed or missing aircraft.

For an immediate dispatch of resources and personnel (weather permitting) call the Academy for more informaiton.

Remains Dispersal - A request unique to our Alaskan environment.

As a result of numerous inquiries, the Academy has developed the necessary equipment to disperse your loved one's remains in a dignified manner as a final tribute to both their and your love of Alaska.

Let the Academy help in fulfilling that final wish of a loved one by calling us for assistance in making that request a reality.

Off Airport Operations

We are the pros. If you fish, hunt and fly Alaska - hone your skill sets.

We offer Mountain Strip, Gravel Bar, Sand Bar, Unimproved, Gravel/Grass applications.

We'll teach you the skills to get "get in -get down - and get out".

Ferry Service

You need it ► ► ► the Academy can get it to you.

From "Cubs to Jets" (and anything in between).

Give us a call today for a quote.

Call us for more information